The New Johns Hopkins Blazer: A Fashion Choice for the True Prepster

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Are you a Johns Hopkins graduate who wants a subtle (but not actually all that subtle) way of telegraphing that fact to the rest of the world? Well than I have a $695 limited edition blazer for you!

Blaze-In Sportswear makes “classic English blazers” that feature “brilliant interiors…designed to reflect the unique personality of those wearing them.” And by “unique personality,” of course, Blaze-In means “fancy school or frat affiliation.” You can get a Yale blazer, a Princeton Day School blazer, or a Harvard Tennis blazer. Local high school prepsters might be interested to know that Blaze-In makes an exclusive blue and white striped Gilman School blazer, too.

The Johns Hopkins version is the newest addition to the blazer line-up. It has hand-detailed stitching, “JHU gold embossed buttons” (whatever that means,” and a customized lining featuring the Hopkins shield. I have to admit, it’s not exactly my style — but if it’s yours, you should know that they’re available for order only from May 20 to June 10, and that alumni can get one for the reduced price of only (!) $359.

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