Now You Can Play Pac-Man on Baltimore City Streets

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Pac Man
Just playing Pac-Man around Mt. Vernon, no big deal.

For who-knows-how-long, Google Maps includes a weird and inspired Easter egg: you can play Pac-Man on many (but not all) locations on the map, including several places in Baltimore.

Johns Hopkins Homewood campus.

As if the Internet weren’t distracting enough!

To try it out, go to Google Maps, zoom in on a location, and hit the Pac-Man-looking square in the lower left. It’s possible that you will be told that “PAC-MAN can’t play here.” Just move the map around to a different spot and try again!

The only really frustrating thing is that there often aren’t enough of those big dots that let you kill the ghosts to make it very sporting. Oh well. Let us know if you find a particularly interesting place to play.

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