Olympian Factory: Fox Sports Marvels at Meadowbrook and Michael Phelps

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Fox Sports published a story Friday about Meadowbrook and the North Baltimore Aquatic Club and the happy surprise that the modest pool in Mt. Washington could turn out so many swimming superstars, including Michael Phelps.

An excerpt:

Just north of downtown Baltimore, a couple of pool lengths from Interstate 83, there is a swim club. It’s not that impressive from the outside; to be honest, it’s not that impressive from the inside, either.

It could be anywhere in America, any pool where kids splash around and parents read books.

But if you happen to come here on the right day, which won’t be too often between now and the Summer Olympics, you’ll see a tall, lanky young man with a Baltimore Orioles cap tugged over his eyes. He’ll park in one of the three reserved spots out front. He’ll walk into the locker room. He’ll change next to all the old men and the little kids and jump into the pool.

His name is Michael Phelps.

The fact that the most decorated swimmer in Olympic history can operate in relative anonymity here is just one of the wonders of the Meadowbrook facility, home of the North Baltimore Aquatic Club. What Santa Clara Swim Club — a place that’s produced more than 80 Olympic medalists — is to the West Coast, the North Baltimore Aquatic Club is to the East Coast: A place that churns out Olympians.

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