O’Malley Addresses Democratic Voters in Iowa, Pretends It Has Nothing to Do with Presidential Ambitions

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via Gawker

At the Democratic National Convention Gov. Martin O’Malley may have only been the warm up speaker for San Antonio mayor Julián Castro, but at a steakfry in Iowa on Sunday he delivered the keynote address. The spotlight-loving governor claimed to have attended the Democratic senator Tom Harkin’s annual fundraising event to “help the people of Iowa elect a new Democratic governor in 2014.” Right. Or maybe it was the baked beans.

But, you know, as long as he was there he figured he might as well regale the party faithful in the nation’s first caucus state with a little bit of his biography and policy profile. It’s kind of like earlier this year when just for kicks O’Malley formed a political action committee, or last week, when he “hired a former Obama campaign aide to advise him.” It’s not about presidential ambitions; he’s in it for the mac and cheese.

But, looking back, it is kind of strange that he ended his speech by saying, “Remember, there are just 1,514 days left before Election Day.”

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