O’Malley Under Investigation for Furniture Purchases

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The last thing a leading candidate in the Democratic presidential primary wants is to suddenly find themselves the subject of an investigation. I imagine it’s also the last thing former Gov. Martin O’Malley wants. And yet here we are.

When O’Malley left Government House last year, he took several mementos with him: 54 furnishings, all declared “unserviceable” “junk” and sold to the outgoing governor at 85 percent off the original retail value without first being made available to the public.

It turns out Anne Arundel County state’s attorney Wes Adams has been investigating the purchase since shortly after the Baltimore Sun first reported on it. Former Baltimore prosecutor Kurt Nachtman told the Sun that the investigation will “be focusing on emails and written correspondence prior to the sale.” Nachtman couldn’t guess as to exactly what the probe hopes to turn up, given that “the whole process is secret.”





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