O’Malley Might Pick Up a Musical Side Project with Huckabee

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martin-omalleyIt’s normal for longshot presidential candidates to have another gig in mind if they don’t win, but Martin O’Malley appears to have come up with a new way to cross the aisle.

During an appearance in D.C. on Thursday, O’Malley was joined by fellow former presidential candidate and governor Mike Huckabee. The bipartisan press conference was about promoting AMC’s Revolutionary War period drama. But like most political press appearances, things got more interesting when they got off-topic.

According to ABC Radio, the two showed enthusiasm for joining forces in a band. Despite the fact that they’re from different parties, O’Malley’s guitar could theoretically complement Huckabee’s bass. Here’s how Huck pitched it:

“If Martin O’Malley and Mike Huckabee can get together on the same stage and come to harmony, that would be historic. It could be massive, we could sell tickets to that, and we’re both looking for something to do, right?”

Sounds like a supergroup stunt in the making, which raises another issue. Two pols can come together, but how long will it last until the rest of Capitol Offense starts feuding with O’Malley’s March over Pogues covers?

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