O’Malley’s Announcement to Meet with Protests, Activists Say

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Martin O'Malley

Martin O’Malley “wouldn’t think about” announcing his candidacy for president any place other than Baltimore, but maybe he should have. Saturday morning’s inevitable announcement at Federal Hill Park will likely be met with protests, the Associated Press reports.

Duane Davis of Baltimore Bloc told the AP that demonstrators will be marching from Federal Hill Park to City Hall to protest the former Baltimore mayor’s “zero-tolerance” policing strategies, which some have blamed for the toxic relationship between police and the community that plagues the city.

If his announcement is disrupted, it certainly won’t be the first time O’Malley has had to deflect such criticism. Since the protests over Freddie Gray’s death from injuries sustained in police custody, O’Malley has doubled down on his tenure as mayor of Baltimore, characterizing policing under his watch as “assertive” rather than “aggressive.”

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