If I could put on my paranoid-conspiracy-theorist helmet for moment (it helps me shut out the government’s hypnotizing radio waves), I have to admit I’m suspicious of the $1.5 million hydraulic fracturing study that Gov. Martin O’Malley is budgeting for. O’Malley stated that the study is needed to establish a “responsible environmental standard” for fracking in Maryland — which seems to assume beforehand that the study will not determine fracking to be unacceptable in all cases, that it will merely advise on how to frack.

Back in June 2011 O’Malley issued an executive order to halt fracking in Maryland, which is a unilateral power grab I can really get behind. But in the end, it’s hard to believe that those intent on fracking will to take “no” for an answer, as at present they’re barely able to deal with “later.”

And with our intensely polarized political climate, it’s pretty easy to get half the populace outraged about just about anything — even something as obvious as protecting our water supply from potential threats. I mean all you have to do is point how this is just another example of airheaded, job-hating liberals — who seem to worship the environment with an almost pagan intensity — ruining our chances at energy independence.