When the Sun made a public records request to Gov. Martin O’Malley’s office, it accidentally received a slew of text messages the office had meant to withhold. According to the paper there wasn’t anything actually damaging in there, just plenty of candor from a politician who would rather you not see behind the scenes of his administration.

There were the governor’s distaste at a homeless benefit being black-tie and a failed deal between the rival gambling interests that fought to buy Question 7 last November. What is really most disconcerting is that O’Malley attempted to hide these messages at all. 

O’Malley’s spokeswoman Raquel Guillory cited attorney/client privilege, executive and deliberative process privileges, and the personnel records exemption in justifying the decision to withhold the texts. But according to media lawyer Charles Tobin, those exemptions don’t apply to the majority of the messages. 

So despite the O’Malley administration’s claim that it “strives to ensure openness and transparency with members of the public and with members of the media,” it would appear they are erring on the side of secrecy.