It really shouldn’t be surprising by now. Schools fudge their average SAT scores and kids trade Adderall before big exams, so clearly the next natural step is students faking medical diagnoses to get into Ivy League schools.

So, at least, reports the Daily Beast, which spoke with a current student at an elite college, who got diagnosed with ADHD, petitioned to take both his SATs and school exams untimed, got great scores… and, now that he’s at the prestigious college of his choice, doesn’t take ADHD meds. Nor does he ever consider himself to have the disorder — if he ever did.

And while precise numbers are hard to come by, of course, the College Board reports that the number of students taking its tests in “nonstandard conditions” is up. There’s plenty of information online about how to fake your way into an ADHD diagnosis.

All this fakery puts kids with real ADHD — and those trying to get by with honest test scores — at a disadvantage. So far, this seems to be primarily a New York City private school phenomenon… as far as we can tell. Have you seen any signs of ADHD faking in Baltimore?