Over the past several years, Orange Element has been fortunate to work collaboratively with the editor and team at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing to redesign and continue development of their seasonal Nursing Magazine. Since the beginning, and twice overhauled, the magazine highlights the School’s many great advancements and showcases why it is nationally ranked as the No. 1 graduate nursing school program by U.S. News & World Report.

And now, we are pleased to announce that Orange Element has been selected to develop and design a new website in support of the School’s magazine. Extending their ability to house and highlight each magazine article online will allow for the sharing of more dynamic content while helping the school reach prospective students, supporters and alumni at higher volume and frequency.

“Our work with the School of Nursing is really easy to enjoy. Their commitment to advancing the industry through technology and leadership brings forward stories that truly amaze us, making our work to showcase their efforts all the more important,” says Aaron Moore, CEO of Orange Element.

Early audit and assessment work are underway. Look for the new website to launch in late Summer!

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