Orioles’ Adam Jones Will Have to Wear Big Ben Jersey After Betting on Ravens

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USP MLB: BALTIMORE ORIOLES AT TORONTO BLUE JAYS S BBA CAN ONAdam Jones should never be criticized for standing up for the Ravens. But when it comes to betting, he might’ve been better off heeding the warning of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Now, we’ll have to shudder as he wears a Big Ben jersey to Camden Yards next season.

The Orioles center fielder was fired up before last night’s Ravens game against the Steelers.¬†Like most of us do, he started taunting one of his friends from another city. In this case, Jones dialed another center fielder. On Twitter, he cut right to the stakes with the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen.

If the Ravens won last night, McCutchen would have had to wear the jersey of Ravens defender Terrell Suggs to a Pittsburgh home game. That would’ve been nice. But, Big Ben had another big game and the Steelers won. So, Jones has to wear the a Roethlisberger jersey to Camden Yards.

Now that Baltimore is 0-2 this fall, seems like we might want to hold off on friendly wagers for a little while. Something tells us Jones won’t stop, though. After all, he loves a good pie in the face.

Here’s the Twitter exchange, before the game.


And, sadly, after the game:

(VIA Baltimore Sun)

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