Orioles’ Chris Davis and His Wife Bring Presents and Infant Seats to Children’s Hospital

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Chris Davis wheels a cart full of presents into University of Maryland Children’s Hospital, Courtesy Baltimore Orioles

Yesterday, Orioles first baseman Chris Davis and his wife, Jill, paid a visit to University of Maryland Children’s Hospital to deliver some holiday cheer.

The pair had announced two days earlier at the Orioles’ annual children’s holiday party that they are partnering up with UMCH this year as ambassadors and will be paying regular visits to UMCH’s young patients.

“We wanted to do something that was a little bit closer to home for Jill, something that she could really have some more involvement with,” Davis told reporters on Tuesday. “We really just kind of fell in love with the hospital, the people who work there, the things that they’re doing, where they want to go. We’re all in on that.”

The pair kicked off their partnership yesterday by delivering nearly two dozen “mamaRoos,” infant seats that mimic parents’ rocking movements to comfort babies, to the NICU. The hospital previously only had three to share among 26 NICU patients, Jill Davis told 105.7 The Fan’s “The Hot Stove Show” last night. “There won’t be any fighting over them any more,” she joked.

The Davises also donated dozens of presents to UMCH’s “Snow Pile” event, which collects presents for hospitalized children and saves their parents time and money.

Here’s a montage from the heartwarming event:

The pair will be continue helping out UMCH with fundraisers and other philanthropy events throughout the year, in addition to paying visits to the hospital’s young patients.

Jill Davis was previously a nurse in a children’s hospital. The couple also have a two-year-old daughter.

Davis’ signing of a seven-year, $161 million contract with the Orioles last season has given him a chance to commit to working with the community in Baltimore. This is one example of a way he’s chosen to give back.

“We didn’t want to say goodbye to the people we had developed relationships with here and have to go somewhere else and start over,” he said on “The Hot Stove Show” last night. “We really from day one have tried to get involved and have met a lot of people who are doing great things, and as soon as we knew we were gonna be here for a number of years, we…tried to narrow it down and get after it. Luckily we met the people at the hospital.”

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