Poor Gerry (note the “G”) Sandusky!  

While some may have assumed the WBAL sports director and Ravens radio announcer is related to accused pedophile and former Penn State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky — and it is an easy mistake given that Gerry with a G’s father was also a football coach, although in the NFL — there is no relation. He’s never even met the guy.

Our Gerry told The Sun that he has received angry messages. “What I have discovered is that there is this parallel universe of people who have the same name but no relationship to people who have committed heinous crimes,” he told The Sun. “Somewhere there is a plumber named Bernie Madoff.”

Gerry Sandusky announced to Ravens’ fans on Sunday night before the Ravens-Steelers game that he is of no relation to the accused sex-criminal Jerry Sandusky. His on-air colleagues at WBAL have made a point to add the disclaimer too.

“For years I always had to introduce myself as Gerry with a ‘G.’ My mom decided to spell my name with a ‘G.’ Thank God she did,” Sandusky told The Sun.