Outing Art: A Conversation with Scott Burkholder, Baltimore Love Project

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Courtesy Citybizlist – Does a community shape its art, or does art shape a community? From the still controversial “he/she” in front of Penn Station, to the recent Walters artworks scattered around town, to the myriad of murals (including those of the Baltimore Love Project), I found myself in a fascinating conversation with Scott Burkholder, one of the partners in the Baltimore Love Project, exploring the difference between Community Art and Public Art – and the different powers each hold for us. And our conversation got me searching for why should we care?

The Hands. The design is appearing everywhere, from T-shirts, to decals, to hopefully 20 murals across Baltimore, The Baltimore Love Project is propagating its increasingly iconic image of the word love spelled out with four silhouetted hands. For Scott, his partner, the artist Michael Owen, and others involved in the project – this effort is unabashedly public art. From the neighborhoods they choose for each mural, to their effort to have this image seen in some of Baltimore’s most challenged neighborhoods, they’re trying to engage everyone whose paths these murals cross. But to engage to what end?

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