‘Outstanding’ Slave Quarters Unearthed in Anne Arundel

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slave quarters at Belvoir

They weren’t looking for slave quarters. They were looking for Comte de Rochambeau’s 1781 campsite. But when archaeologists dug around the site of Francis Scott Key’s grandmother’s plantation (now Rockbridge Academy) in Crownsville, they found something even more interesting: a 34 by 34 foot slave quarters with a foundation “so massive” that it may have had a second story.

It’s the largest slave quarters yet unearthed in Anne Arundel County. County Archaeologist Al Luckenbach told the Capital that such buildings were typically less than half that size, 20 by 16 feet or smaller.

Maryland Archaeology has posted photos from the dig on their Facebook page. In addition to finding a brick floor and a foundation, they’ve discovered “thousands of artifacts” — buttons, pieces of pottery and glassware, animals bones, nails, and other items. Taken together, the artifacts should be able to tell us something about how the slaves at the plantation (of which there were up to 35) lived their lives.

To view video of the dig, see this article at WBAL.

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