Owings Mills Couple Explore the Artsy Potential of Unmanned Drones

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Baltimore’s Washington Monument

Ah, unmanned aerial vehicles. They kill people overseas. They patrol our borders. They spy on us domestically. But let it be known that they can also be used to capture stunning art photographs. Terry and Belinda Kilby of Owings Mills hold the distinction of being among “the country’s first drone artists.”

The Kilbys’ passion began when Terry bought himself a remote-control helicopter to fly around his living room. Several self-built and designed devices and thousands of dollars later, and the Kilbys are flying a “hexicopter” with two cameras, GPS, and a gyroscope. The Kilbys even have goggles one can wear to see from the drone’s point of view.

Under the name Elevated Element, they have taken aerial photographs of monuments of and structures in Baltimore, Ocean Ciy, and Philadelphia, among other cities.

By the way, you have to wonder if the designer behind the Washington Monument was counting on drone photography to one day show us what the thing actually looks like.

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