Park School Grad Marches Off to Yale – Literally

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The Appalachian Trail

When Park School graduate Gabe Acheson applied to college last year, he made a promise to walk to the school.  His essay, “Walking to Yale,” helped secure him a spot in the top Ivy League college. This week he fulfilled the promise and made the 400-mile trek from his Rodgers Forge home to New Haven.

The Baltimore Sun chronicles his journey during which he faced rattlers, rainstorms, ramblers and more.

“It’s really kind of crazy, to see the kind of lives people have, people I would have probably never ever met — who are here today and gone tomorrow,” Acheson said from the road in New York, where he got off the Appalachian Trail. “It’s really hitting me over the head.”

The question is, how many seniors will try the idea in their applications this year?

Read Park School Graduate Walks 400 Miles to Yale in the Baltimore Sun.

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