Mug shot of Robert Wayne Gladden, 15, alleged shooter in the Perry Hall High School incident on Monday.

News about the shooting at Perry Hall High continues.  Here’s the latest from the last two days:

The victim in the shooting, 17-year-old Daniel Borowy, who has Down Syndrome, is still in critical condition. He has a brusied lung and broken ribs, but doctors expect he will make a full recovery, the Huffington Post reports.  The shooter, Robert Wayne Gladden, 15, has been tried as an adult in the crime.

As would be expected, the community is searching for answers following the tragedy. One of the most enlightening examinations comes from a dean at Johns Hopkins University, Kathleen S. Newman, who co-authored the book, “Rampage: The Social Roots of School Shootings.”  In the Baltimore Sun, she writes:

“From the safety of suburban Maryland, it is only natural to think that random shootings erupting in movie theaters in Colorado will not visit our neighborhoods. Safe, quiet, stable communities are not the places we imagine when we think of kids and guns, the excitement of the first day at school and the terror of “code red,” the evacuation of our children and debates over whether to charge a 15-year-old shooter as a kid or an adult.

But it did happen at Perry Hall High School on Monday, and so we must follow the self-examination of other communities…”

Baltimore Sun columnist Susan Reimer further examines the crime in her account of  how adults failed Gladden.

“In this country, we don’t like anybody telling us that our kids are less than perfect or that we are doing a lousy job of teaching them and protecting them. Preventing the tragedy at Perry Hall High School would have required somebody to do just that. A teacher, a coach, a guidance counselor, the parent of another child. Somebody stepping up.

Instead, we are left with the question we always ask after these terrible events: Didn’t somebody see the warning signs?”

Andrew Piper, the stepfather of Gladden, was arrested Tuesday on drugs and weapons charges, after police searched the home the young assailant shares with Piper.

Lastly, friends of Borowy have started a social media campaign to get Lady Gaga, the victim’s favorite entertainer, to visit Borowy in the hospital. Though she’s out of the country on tour currently, Bruce Tyler, a music veteran with Baltimore ties, has seen to it that Lady Gaga’s handlers have received a message about the request, the Baltimore Sun reports.

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