Casey and Stogey (via Baltimore Humane Society)
Casey and Stogey (via Baltimore Humane Society)

Stodgy and Casey are our names, and we’re little chi’s who are here together looking for our forever home.

Stodgy can be a bit timid and slightly reserved at first, but becomes very outgoing once he gets a chance to warm up to you. Then you can pick him up and carry him around all day. Casey also enjoys being on your lap, getting butt rubs, food, and playing with small toys. We love playing with each other and are considered a bonded pair which means we have to be adopted together. We don’t take up a lot of room so this way you get double the love for one adoption price. You can’t beat that!

Muggy (via Baltimore Humane Society)

My name is Muggy and I am a handsome, smart, playful and talkative mature cat. Laser pointers, string toys, and food are my favorite things. I like to be with my peeps, but I’m not inclined to rest in your lap or want to be held. In my previous home I spent the night curled up at the foot of my mom’s bed. I lived with another cat, but I was pretty dominant and must admit that I’d be totally content being the only feline in the home. That way I can keep all of my new family’s attention to myself! Come in soon and see what you think about me.

For adoption info, visit Baltimore Humane Society’s website.