Pets of the Week: Babs and Stud

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Babs2Babs is my name and finding a forever home is my game! I am a sweet Chinese Shar-Pei- Labrador Retriever mix who likes to curl up in your lap like a cat! I know I am making myself sound like a couch potato but I also have an energetic side! I like to run around and play just as much as cuddle…ok, maybe I like cuddling a little bit more. I also enjoy long walks, playing tug of war, and squeaky toys. Hope to meet you soon! Babs’ adoption fee has been sponsored by a generous donor!

StudGuess who’s super handsome, has four paws, and is also looking for their forever home? If you guessed “Stud” then you’re right! I’m a very social man who loves attention. If you start petting me you’ll discover that I’m a total purr machine! I’ll also never want you to stop, and if you do I’ll head butt you until you start again. I also love to meet new people and sleeping in comfy cat beds! Do I sound like the cat for you? If so come down and meet me!

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