Pigtown Design: A Day at the Races

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I hadn’t planned to go to Shawan Downs on Saturday, but when an opportunity presented itself, I accepted.

My pal, Tracey, who’s head of the Baltimore Architecture Foundation, and I had been working on the Dollar House Symposium, scheduled for Saturday morning.

The event was a huge success, with nearly 100 people attending.
otterbein churchIt was held in the historic Otterbein church, which is surrounded by the new urbanism which has grown up around it. It’s the oldest church continually in use at the same location in Baltimore, having served its flock since 1771.

Tracey, her family and I bailed out a little early from the symposium, and headed up-country to Shawan Downs, one of the newer race courses in the area. It’s actually a land trust where they run spring and fall races.

We met up with some friends, who were conveniently located just beyond the finish line, so we had a great view.

One of the most fun things about attending these races is seeing what everyone’s wearing.The day was partly sunny and cool, so the attire ranged from skimpy tops with chilly arms,

to down gilets and elegant tweeds and cashmere. 

I really do have to smirk at the women who are too vain to wear flat shoes! It’s a horse-race in the fields, for gawd’s sake!

There were a few outfits that I had to admire. Loved this bit-belt, skirt and blouse combination. It struck the right note… and she was wearing flats.

This gentleman gets high marks for accessorizing with his child’s stuffed toy. I am sure he wanted to keep it safe!You can see the range of dress selections here, from shorts and sweaters to tweeds and scarves. Lots of Hermès in evidence – including around my own neck!All in all, it was a perfect day for the races.Thanks for including me, Tracey & Anthony!

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