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I was in the local Target the other day and looked for their new Shops: Kirna ZabêtePatch NYCOdin and the Curiosity Shoppe. I could only find the Patch NYC and Curiosity Shoppe, and to say that I was not impressed would not put too fine a point on it.I don’t know if the selection had been picked over, or that there was just not a big selection to start with, but there wasn’t a lot on offer.And I was unimpressed with what they did have. I didn’t like the designs or the colours or the motifs… especially at the Curiosity Shoppe.And I thought the price for some things was a bit much – to say the very least.I can’t imagine who would pay $5.00 for 28 paper straws, but it certainly wouldn’t be me. I hate paper straws. They get all soft and mucky.

The selection at Patch NYC was a little better and seemed to be more original.I loved the reindeer notebook on the right, and thought the woodpecker candleholders were fun.Now that I know there’s a den of foxes close by, I’d like to have this lamp to remind me of them.

These orange candles seem very 70’s to me.Not to my taste.

While I admire Target for branching out and bringing these small shops to everyone’s attention, I wonder if they don’t do more harm than good to these brands. The wares usually seem to be very poorly made and not of the quality that I think the stores actually offer.


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Meg Fielding

Meg Fielding writes the local interior design and lifestyle blog Pigtown Design. She enjoys dual citizenship with the US and the UK.

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