Pigtown Design: Tea Towel Tips and Yard Sale Finds

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If you’re not reading the blog, Reggie Darling, you should.

reggie portrait[1]

Not only does the darling Reggie talk about beautiful antiques, reveal family secrets, share cocktail recipes and be charming, he also imparts cleaning tips for antique china and linen. Since I haven’t had on-site laundry facilities for many years now, I’ve grown a little lax about following tried and true guidelines. I generally chuck stuff into the machine, add soap, water and turn it on. 

Reggie recently blogged about five of his favorite household cleaning products, and instructions for cleaning linens popped up in the comments several times. So taking this sage advice, I spent part of the weekend giving my collection of antique hand towels and vintage tea towels a good wash, letting them sit for 12+ hours in Oxyclean and then hanging them on the clothes line.

Groupings included towels from Ireland, the UK, Bermuda and the States, as well as some old calendar tea towels. If you’re using tea towels, or looking for them, make sure you only use linen, as it is very resilient, and it doesn’t leave lint on china and glassware.

Speaking of glassware, I went to my friend Jake’s sale on Saturday and there was glassware aplenty!

There’s no other yard sale host that I know who would block parking spaces using giant urns with huge flower arrangements!

When Jake had his last sale, I saw a hanging candelabra and remarked that I’d love to have something like that to hang on a tree in my back yard.

At that point, I had neither a tree or a back yard, but I do now! So look what I bought.

The plan is to add some chandelier crystals. Luckily when I mentioned this to David, he told me that there are boxes of them at McLain Wiesand, and to come on over and pick some out. I think I need to bling this thing!

Lots of friends were at the sale when I was there, including pals, Rose & Ivo, who bought numerous urns, vases, pots and other items for their home and garden. Luckily, they also brought their station wagon!

I’m not sure why I didn’t pick-up these pitchers. They’re newish, but I love brown earthenware.


I had to take a picture of this gal leaving with her treasure… a cherub pedestal!

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