Pigtown Design: The House Downtown Redone

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My friend Stephanie owns a lovely shop called The House Downtown, and it’s always been one of my favourite places to check out the latest home décor trends. She’s got a marvelous eye and the shop always looks terrific to me.

Stephanie saw flaws where I didn’t, and she just wanted to freshen up the shop.So for the past seven weeks, the shop’s been closed and getting a makeover. I stopped in this afternoon to see it at about 85% complete and it looks fabulous!Walls were moved and removed. A new cerused wood floor was added. Built in book cases were built in.She’s taken the coastal vibe the shop had before, and moved it inland and downtown.The sophistication level has gone up several notches.Things are a bit more serene and calm.Greys and other pale shades abound, with just bits and pieces of colour here and there to catch your eye.Speaking of catching your eye, the painting that hung above these chairs was snapped up by someone who spotted it through the big shop windows!But that wasn’t the only fish in the sea!How much fun are these candlesticks?I am so delighted to see what a wonderful job Stephanie and her team have done with the shop! It was great before, but now, it’s better than ever!

Their website is also under construction, so let me know if you want information.

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