People picket outdoors during a Writers Guild of America strike in New York City.
A screenshot from David Simon's video on his Twitter account shows writers on strike in New York City.

HBO suspended their deal with Baltimore writer David Simon after he joined the picket line of striking Writers Guild of America (WGA) writers on Monday. Simon created the series “The Wire,” “Homicide,” and worked on the HBO project “We Own This City,” about the corrupt Gun Trace Task Force police unit scandal.

Simon had been tweeting about trying to find a place to support the writers and join a picket line.

While he was picketing, Simon tweeted that he learned HBO had suspended his deal.

Fellow writers and onlookers were buoyed by his participation.

Simon tweeted out support for TV writers and unions in general, throughout the day, and leading up to the strike.

Others had plenty to say about HBO suspending their decades-long partnership with Simon.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article included an erroneous attribution. It has been removed.

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