Building on five consecutive years of growing print celebrations, Open Space is thrilled to present PMF VI, the Sixth Annual Publications & Multiples Fair, taking place March 28th and 29th, 2015 at the Baltimore Design School. This annual exposition provides the opportunity to admire, collect, and discuss artist publications, prints, and objects produced in multiple. Join us for this cornerstone event featuring works from over 100 local and national artists and presses, with on-site programming all weekend. The fair is free and open to the public.

Date: March 28th & 29th
Time: 12pm to 6pm Saturday and Sunday
Location: Baltimore Design School
1500 Barclay St, Baltimore, MD 21202
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57 Cell
Adam Amram
Aidan Koch
Alex Ebstein
Amelia, Christian and Stephen
Amy Stober
Andrew Haas
Andrew Walters
Anthony Meloro
Art Vandelay
Baltimore Design School
Baltimore Print Studios
Barely There
Beast Grrl Zine
Bernard Stiegler
Beth Hoeckel
Bite Not Press ft. Nick Vyssotsky
Blonde Art Books
Bundle + Batch
Bushwick Print Lab
Castle Printshop
Celeste Fichter
Chris Day
Chris Morgan
Christina Haines Ceramics
Conor Stechschulte
Conveyor Editions
Dana Bechert
Eamon Espey
Ehse Records
Elena Johnston
Emily Burtner
Empty Stretch
Endless Editions
Every Day Good House
From The Loom
Friends Records
Fuse Works
Gabriella Grill
Gary Kachadourian
General Matters
Genpop Records
Girl Group
Gratuitous Type
GW Duncanson
Harley Hollenstein
Horses Think Press
Hunter-Savoy Jaffe
Ink Press Productions
Isobel Modica
James Bouché
Jen Liu
Jessica Hans
Jessie Unterhalter
Katey Truhn
Kyle Tata
Lala Albert
Leah Wishnia // Happiness Comix
Lil’ Gallery
Lindsay Aura Miller
Lola Borovyk
Lupin (featuring Colin Schappi)
Lyla Shlon
Mary Ancel
Matt Thurber
Matthew Scott Gualco
May Kim
Melody Often
MICA Design League
MICA Printmaking
Mike Taylor
Milton Melvin Croissant III
Molly Colleen O’Connell
Morgan Frailey
Munu Editions
Nicholas Verstraeten
Noah Scialom
Nous Somme Loco
Object Of
Ocular Media Group
Oranbeg Press
Patience, Painter
Patrick Schlotterback
Pau Wau Publications
Paul Shortt
Pellinore Press
Player Press
Primary Information
Print Club Boston
Printed Matter
Publication Studio Hudson
Ryan Oskin
Sam Kendrick
Simon Reinhardt
Small Editions
Somethings + More
Spaces Corners
Szechuan Best
Terrault Contemporary
The Black Widows
The Contemporary
Two Friends
V. Vale
WEIRD Magazine
Wham City
Wiley Guillot
YTB Why The Beef
Zach Hazard Vaupen
Zing Magazine
Zoe Keller
Saturday, March 28th Maybe Punk Rock Came True
A discussion with legendary writer, musician, and publisher V. Vale, and Baltimore artist Chris Day. Hear about the life of the creator of Search & Destroy and RE/Search Publications, and his thoughts on art, publishing, black humor, and the SF punk scene in the 70s.20 Years of zingmagazine
Managing Editor Brandon Johnson will discuss the history, mission, and operations of New York-based zingmagazine through a visual montage of issue highlights and other ephemera.Arts Criticism and the Arts Outpost
Post-Office Arts Journal moderates a panel discussion with Max Guy, Alex Ebstein, and Marcus Civin on criticality in non-capitals of art.

Artists of the Industrial Scene (2006)
dir. Marian Wallace
In this film, ten industrial artists and musicians expound on the ideas behind their music and art production and displays. Starring Mark Pauline, Genesis P-Orridge, Graeme Revell, Jerry Casale, Johanna Went, Jim Thirlwell, and others.

Sunday, March 29thFemale Bodies in the Art World
with Hannah Mandel
A multimedia meditation and discussion on the physical form women inhabit when existing in the art world.Just Do It!
A Pecha Kucha series of motivational speeches featuring Lexie Mountain, Lauren Brick, Kimi Hanauer, Emiline Boehringer, + more!Industrial Experiments
Experimental Films by Marian Wallace, featuring Ephemerality (1979), Getting At The Underworld (1985), Valentine’s Film (2000), GG’s Film (2000), The Kite Film (2001), and W.S. Burroughs on the Human Condition (2007).

Shade Series
Poetry Readings curated by Lane Harlan

Opium Wampum presents: PMF Wampum
Featuring Fluct, Ami Dang, Get Your Life! Productions, Carly Ptak, Mateo Marquez, Michael Wasteneys Stephens, and Nerftoss.

Friday, March 27thPMF Kick-Off Show @ The Crown
Strange Times People Band (Tape Release!), Arrington De Dionyso, Sunatirene, Sapphogeist
1910 North Charles Street, 9 PMBubble Over Green @ The Contemporary
Closing reception for the multilayered audio-visual experience by Victoria Fu, (currently on view Wednesday – Sunday, 4-8 PM).
In the former KAGRO building, 101 W North Avenue, 7-10 PMProtest Era III: Doomsday Clock Meditations @ Annex 2E
Video, Performances & Installation by BDGRMMR, Keenon Brice, Leila Khoury, Sisster Press, Miguel Mendias, Will Schorre, Julia Yerger
419 E. Oliver St, Apt 2E, 8-10 PM


Coast to Coast @ Bodega Gallery
A collaboration between Diane Young and Hunter-Savoy, accompanied by High Rollers and your Lady of Injury. The Copycat Building, Apt A100, 1511 Guilford Avenue

Strange New Feels @ Lil’ Gallery
Works by Caeli Carr Potter, Alex Day, Claire Felonis, Sara Grose, Angela Heaps and Spencer Shope. Curated by Sara Grose and Claire Felonis. The Copycat Building, Apt A100, 1511 Guilford Avenue

Controlled Rot @ Terrault Contemporary
Work by Rosemary Liss
The Copycat Building, 1515 Guilford Avenue

Stage Fright @ Gallery CA
Works by Sean FitzPatrick
440 E Oliver Street

Time and Again @ Guest Spot @ The Reinstitute
Work by Eric Doeringer
1715 N Calvert Street

Run It @ Penthouse Gallery
Printed matter by Caeli Carr-Potter, Tristan Scow, Mary Reisenwitz, Kate Klingbeil, Christ Williford & Vivian Loh. Curated by Sonja Solvang
The Copycat Building, Apt B501,
1511 Guilford Avenue


Saturday, March 28thSomethings @ bb
Objects from Fiona Sergeant, curated with Colin Alexander 427A N. Eutaw StreetTrance Dancers of the Open Flower
@ Open Space
Arrington De Dionyso drawing performance and exhibition. Featuring new works on paper and vellum from his “Trance Dancers of the Open Flower” series, as well as a new body of drawings and paintings made in 2015.
512 West Franklin StreetFreddy Presents Dick @ Freddy
A selection of photographs taken by Ross Bleckner from the 1980’s to the present, as an ongoing investigation into the seduction and repulsion of desire.
510 West Franklin Street, 12-5 PM.

Girth Proof Vol II @ Springsteen (new location)
New work by Wickerham & Lomax, (opening March 21st, on view through April 18). A recalibration of a recent exhibition which cast its participants from Craigslist and rendered their likenesses in CGI as bulked-up, busy-body event planners. Here they are reincarnated with an empty schedule and an empty stomach.
502 West Franklin Street

Freak Flash Finale @ Floristree
Curated by Molly Colleen O’Connell
Drain the fluids from your eyes, these are not hallucinations. Energy is physical. Visions are palpable. Freak Flash screenings showcase artists who stir the surreal into waking life.

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