Police Mistake 10-Year-Old Boy’s Eczema for Gunshot Graze Wound

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

In a rare move yesterday, police dramatically upgraded a 10-year-old boy’s condition following a shooting in East Baltimore after realizing they’d misdiagnosed the boy’s eczema for a gunshot wound.

The Baltimore Police Department said in a release on Sunday that officers responded to a report of a shooting around 2:30 p.m. to the 1200 block of E. Eager Street, about three blocks west of Madison Square Park. Detectives there learned a passenger in an SUV had unleashed gunfire on a group of adults on the block.

Police found the boy, who they said at the time “realized” he’d been shot in the leg once the crowd had scattered. He was taken the hospital.

Luckily, medics gave the boy’s wound another examination. In an update last night, the department said “medical personnel have concluded what detectives originally believed to be a gunshot graze-wound to the shin of the 10 year-old was actually caused by eczema.”

The update was a happy one, though the situation remained lamentable. Detectives are still investigating the shooting, which marked the eighth one around the city between Friday afternoon and dawn of Monday morning. In total, eight adults were struck by gunfire in Baltimore in that period: four wounded in the Northern District, one killed and one wounded in the Southwest District, one wounded in the Southern District and another wounded in the Northeast District.

Luckily, authorities can leave the boy out of that tally. As always, anyone with information about shooting incidents can drop tips anonymously at 1-866-7LOCKUP.

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