Dunking booth not intense enough? You could try raising money with a mixed martial arts match.
On September thirtieth at Du Burns arena in Canton, Baltimore police and firefighters will face off in charity cage matches for the moderately ironic cause of raising money for injured first responders.

According to an article in the The Sun, all participants have a background in martial arts and are in shape to compete, including 64 year old police officer Regis Flynn, who hasn’t stepped into the ring since he was an amateur boxer over forty years ago.

While the Police Department has stopped short of sanctioning the event, the Fire Department has gone out of its way to disclaim it, saying in an official statement that it “does not endorse or promote members’ participation in such an event.”

Given the qualifications of the participants, and the noble cause they’re fighting for, we can hope that injuries sustained from the cage fights will not necessitate a future charity event.