Police Want Spilled Harbor Tunnel Cash Back

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Drivers in the Harbor Tunnel were seeing green.

An armored truck made it rain in the Harbor Tunnel on Wednesday night, and some people driving behind the Brinks decided to get out of their car and make the money grab. Except, well, ya, um, what police are trying to say is, they’re gonna need that back.

The MDTA and State’s Attorney’s office put out a rare form of press release on Thursday night. The message: No one called Finders Keepers. They’re giving people who took money until Saturday at 5 p.m. to cough it up, or face theft charges.

The money flew before 8 p.m. Wednesday in the southbound bore of the I-895 tunnel. Authorities said the back door of the Brinks truck “malfunctioned.”¬†Some drivers at the scene “cooperated” with police, which we’ll assume means they turned the money back over upon seeing a cop.

The MDTA declined to release the amount of money lost in the incident.


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