A Pop-Up Sale–and $36,000 in Incentives–for Hopkins Homebuyers

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Eager Square aerial view

Johns Hopkins’s Live Near Your Work program is the university’s attempt to encourage its employees to live in nearby neighborhoods. Their major incentive? Money.

For a few years now, LNYW has offered qualified homebuyers a package of grants, incentives, and other essentially free money to assist with down payments and/or closing costs.

If the promise of free money wasn’t enough, LNYW is now trying to drum up excitement by hosting what’s essentially a pop-up sale for homes — okay, well, maybe it’s more like a one-day sale on 42 not-yet-built townhomes in Eager Park near Johns Hopkins Hospital, along with $36,000 in various incentives. The sale is scheduled for September 10.

If you don’t recognize the name “Eager Park,” that might be because it’s one of those newly-invented neighborhood names that attempts to rebrand a neighborhood–in this case, Middle East. It should be noted that these new houses come with a complicated history, along with their one-car garages and 24-hour security detail.

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