Postal Carriers Plead Guilty to Delivering Marijuana Mail

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marijuana-dbc04668ba596d1d11bbfdcab899d5bdcf6b293a-s6-c30Pot is going postal, and two Baltimore mail carriers wanted their cut. According to U.S. Attorney Rod Rosentein’s office, a pair of postal carriers pleaded guilty to charges that they accepted bribes from drug dealers, and kept mail with marijuana out of inspectors’ sights.

Baltimore letter carrier Hillary Gainey, 26, and Columbia-based Antoinette Daniels, 46, each accepted $100 per package According to the feds, they diverted a total of 130 pot-filled parcels from the mail system and delivered the packages straight to the recipients.

Gainey made $10,000 off the delivery, and delivered between 100 and 400 kilograms of marijuana. Meanwhile, Daniels delivered roughly 80-100 kilograms of pot.

The packages were sent from Arizona, California, Florida and “elsewhere,” according to the feds.

The two women each face five years in prison.


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