What do four year olds need?
Love and affection?
Engaging, hands-on, multi-sensory activities?
Room to grow, play, and explore?
A sense of community, a sense of belonging?
LOTS and LOTS of fun?

Our philosophy at Grace embodies these traits. We believe in play. We believe in respecting children. We believe children are intelligent, capable beings who love to learn and grow. At Grace Preschool, we have lots of exciting schooling options for our students from 2 years old to First Grade.

Our Pre Kindergarten Class in particular, has a variety of different learning options to fit the differing needs of our families. Our traditional fours classes are held from 9am-12pm Monday through Friday, and this class provides the opportunity to fall in love with learning. Our teachers place a strong emphasis on the social-emotional learning of students, helping them to learn and grow in a multi-sensory and nurturing  hands-on environment. Thematic units help students to understand concepts such as letter/sound recognition, as well as basic numeration skills, and other essential early learning topics in fun and engaging ways.

Our teachers are committed to creating a nurturing environment for each of their little learners, where students feel free to engage with materials and other students to build lifelong friendships and a love of learning.

For families looking for a little more, we offer our Pre Kindergarten Plus program, which allows students to stay until 2:30 either two or three days per week for enrichment activities such as art, yoga, outdoor experiences, STEAM, and many other exploratory subjects. Students stay for lunch during these days, and they spend their afternoons engaged in exploratory subjects, learning more about the world around them through a multitude of different approaches.

Whatever kind of class your family needs for your little one, we invite you to take a look at the different options we offer for Baltimore families! We’d love to have you!

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