Paragraphology™ is Jemicy School’s comprehensive, scaffolded, multisensory approach to writing and note-taking that provides students with concrete tools to become more confident, independent writers. The process, which is easily utilized by children, teens, college students, and adults, decreases frustration and promotes a new pathway to success.

Paragraphology™ systematically teaches and reinforces a formula that guides users through the steps in writing a basic paragraph to a comprehensive understanding of the five-paragraph essay. The program utilizes a variety of technological resources, color-coding systems, note-taking techniques, interactive methods, and strategies to unlock the writing process. Jemicy teachers utilize Paragraphology™ across disciplines, and students use the method to support the writing of science labs and for note-taking and report creation in social studies classes.

Jemicy offers dynamic online workshops in Paragraphology™ to teachers, homeschool parents, tutors, schools, and districts nationwide, and Jemicy faculty have presented the concept of Paragraphology™ at conferences and workshops to teachers, parents, and professionals from around the globe. As one recent workshop participant remarked, “Paragraphology has been a game-changer for my students…it gives a structure to the writing process that every other writing curriculum seems to be missing.”

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