Offering an excellent educational program to the community, Grace Preschool provides an intimate atmosphere with programs focused on individual attention and personalized learning. The SEEDLINGS program is ideal for children who are between 12 and 23 months old as of September 1st. During the fall, SEEDLINGS are welcomed into Grace Preschool with a parent/caregiver. Together, they engage and enjoy singing, listening to stories, and interacting with other children. As the SEEDLINGS become more confident and secure, parents/caregivers fade away, and these little SEEDLINGS begin to engage in experiences that promote socialization and language development. It provides the SEEDLINGS the opportunity to explore activities in music, art, story time, and outside play. It is a perfect start to a child’s early childhood journey. 

SEEDLINGS takes place in a Twos classroom, on Grace Preschool’s playground, and in its indoor play area. The program currently runs from September – December, 9 – 10:30am on Tuesday and Thursdays with a parent/caregiver. In the spring, it runs from January – May, 9am – 12pm on Tuesday and Thursdays with children being dropped off. Come and grow with Grace Preschool.

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