The Catholic High School of Baltimore’s McCafferty Hall has been home to its Visual & Performing Arts Department since 1960. Catholic High’s Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) Program offers concentrations in studio art, band, dance, choir, and theatre.

The four-year comprehensive curriculum provides each Catholic High student with a full range of study that keeps her involved and engaged while exploring her creativity. Each student in the program learns about history and foundational principles and is mainly assessed by studio-based or performance-based projects.

Catholic High’s newly established dance concentration is designed for artistically motivated students to train in classical dance styles such as ballet, pointe, modern, and jazz, combined with a strong and comprehensive academic program. Dancers experience the newly constructed dance studio with a professional dance floor. “The VPA Program encourages students to lean into the creative part of themselves and we are thrilled to add dance to our program,” says Jane Brown, visual & performing arts department chair at Catholic High.

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