In the Abramoff Makerspace at Krieger Schechter Day School, students in kindergarten through eighth grade are challenged to use their creativity while diving into a wide range of hands-on activities. Each time they come to the makerspace, students have the opportunity to combine prior knowledge and interests with new skills to solve challenges presented to them.  

Students not only have regular classes and electives in the makerspace; they also participate in cross-curricular lessons in ways that differ from typical classroom instruction. 

Some of these activities include coding through various apps on iPads, digital art, programming a variety of robots, producing stop motion animation films, creating carnival games out of cardboard, hand-making paper for journals in their language arts classes, or making set designs to learn scale in math classes.  

During their classes, students are given the tools and skills needed to accomplish their tasks. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment to achieve the desired result, oftentimes as a collaborative effort with other students. The Abramoff Makerspace is a unique space in the building where teachers and students can bring out-of-the-box ideas and turn them into a reality.

This article is part of the 2023-2024 Guide to Baltimore Independent Schools.

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