McDonogh School offers Greatest Good McDonogh, a signature social impact program that teaches students from PK-12 best practices in service learning, philanthropy, community engagement, and social innovation. Through integrated coursework and hands-on learning, McDonogh students are inspired to find their purpose, grow their empathy, and realize their power and potential to do the greatest good in the world. 

“Instilling public-spirited values and a passion for social engagement at a young age is so important,” says Head of School Dave Farace. “Greatest Good McDonogh is preparing the next generation of leaders to make a difference in communities locally and globally.”  

An important part of the program is encouraging students to form enduring relationships with non-profit organizations. Through these connections, students learn the root causes of challenges; develop solution-oriented action plans; and hone communications and critical-thinking skills. 

“Greatest Good McDonogh encourages students to use their hearts and minds to be catalysts for positive change,” says Bridget Collins, Director of Greatest Good McDonogh. “It ensures that doing good is central to every student’s education.” 

From prefirst students making snack bags for people experiencing homelessness to seventh graders making ceramic bowls to support the Baltimore Hunger Project to upper schoolers coaching Special Olympics athletes, the McDonogh community is making a difference. Learn more at

This article is part of the 2023-2024 Guide to Baltimore Independent Schools.

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