Located on 110-acres, Garrison Forest School has long used its tree-lined campus as a learning lab, incorporating outdoor education across multiple subjects as an intentional part of its curriculum.

The campus includes an outdoor classroom, outdoor space for small group learning, a pond, a small pollinator garden and even a “hammock garden” for relaxing. From science experiments to outdoor art displays to play and relaxation time, teachers are regularly using these outdoor assets to enhance classroom lessons and bring learning to life.

Research shows that exposing students to authentic and meaningful outdoor experiences throughout their school years can help reduce stress, while also building stronger critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Gail Hutton, Head of the Lower Division, notes, “When we create opportunities for children to learn outdoors, we are also providing pathways for them to create, explore, problem-solve and negotiate. We heighten and enhance their sensory skills, help them to discover patterns, learn about animals, and create a keen awareness and concern for the environment.”

Moving forward, the unique campus at Garrison Forest will allow the school greater flexibility in following health and safety guidelines as schools prepare to re-open to students.

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