Jemicy’s Upper School Prep (USP) program is a comprehensive, pre-high school curriculum designed to serve students who need further development of foundational academic skills to transition successfully to a college-preparatory upper school program. The program serves bright and talented students, ages 13-15, who are in their last year or two of middle school and have been diagnosed with dyslexia or a related language-based learning difference.

Academic strategies and executive function skills are explicitly taught, consistently integrated, and reinforced daily in every class. These skills include organization and planning, active listening, note-taking, effective communication, time-management, study and test-taking strategies, reading strategies, and self-advocacy. Head of School Ben Shifrin shares, “Too often, teachers assume students possess the innate skills needed to organize, study, and take notes on material presented in class. At Jemicy, we make no such assumption. We understand that even bright students who have weaknesses in these areas may struggle in school.”

The Upper School Prep (USP) program improves academic success by fostering the self-awareness, confidence, competence, and independence needed to tackle the rigors of a college-preparatory high school curriculum. Students may matriculate to Jemicy’s upper school or to other area high schools.

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