The streets of Baltimore were packed last night, but the Ravens’ road to the Superbowl wasn’t a smooth one. Let’s take a quick look back over how we got here — “here” being on the cusp of a Superbowl victory, of course.


Remember when Ray Lewis tore his tricep and everyone thought he was finished?

Of course, Lewis tends to be… shall we say, indefatigable


And returned to the Ravens roster shortly after Christmas.

The Ravens were considered the emphatic underdogs before last week’s game against the Broncos:

ravens doubters

Little did they know, the Ravens had more life left in them than anyone expected:

not yet

Despite the Ravens’ performance against the Broncos, before yesterday’s Patriots game, pretty much everyone outside Baltimore was a naysayer (as evidenced by this Boston billboard):


But at least the important people were on our side:


After a shaky first half, the rest of the game went swimmingly. I laughed out loud when Tom Brady ran into a ref to escape Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs:

Torrey Smith was basically a superhero:

smith dives

Anquan Boldin was unstoppable (and he knew it):

Tom Brady was sad once again:


And Ray gets another chance at a ring:


Overall, I’d say it’s been a pretty successful year for Baltimore sports, despite Michael Phelps’s unfortunate facial hair decisions:


It all kinda makes me want to dance like Ray:

YouTube video

And I’m not too worried about the Har-bowl, since the elder sibling always dominates the younger one — it’s just one of those truths of life.


See you in New Orleans!