The four sculptures in the extensively landscaped courtyard behind the Giant Supermarket in Waverly each presents a different one-word message to those who stop and look. Peace. Trust. Honesty. Integrity.

These words reflect the core values of Marian House, a 30-year-old nonprofit that has helped more than 1,000 women put their lives back together.

“Each of our women is like a puzzle,” Marian House Executive Director Katie Allston says. “They started in this world whole and complete, but their being and sense-of-self were shattered into pieces.”Founded by the Sisters of Mercy and School Sisters of Notre Dame, Marian House opened its doors in 1982 in the former St. Bernard’s Convent on Gorsuch Avenue.  In 1992, Marian House II was launched in three row homes near the original site. That was followed by an additional location in the Pen Lucy neighborhood and a 19-unit apartment building known as Serenity Place, which opened in 2007.

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