Rapper DDm releases ‘The Price is Right’-inspired track ‘Come on Down’

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Image via SoundCloud.

With the project Bond St. District, rapper DDm reveled in calling back to the Baltimore of his youth, whether rapping about his childhood dreams of being a star or naming a song after the Nickelodeon cartoon “Hey Arnold.”

He takes it to another level with “Come on Down.”

Over a cut-up loop of the iconic theme song from “The Price is Right,” DDm turns one of the game show’s signature lines, “Come on down,” into a boastful challenge. Eighties kids who grew up on Bob Barker will love it. And for anyone who doesn’t fall into that demographic, the track is a fun¬†reimagining that still gets your head nodding.

Listen here:

The track is a teaser for the upcoming release¬†“Soundtrack To A Shopping Mall,” due out in April. In a preview video from last November, DDm said the concept for the album was an older one that he decided to revisit in this current moment.

“To me, those shopping malls, those big malls, represent everything great about America: capitalism, excess, greed and just extra-ness.”

Brandon Weigel

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