Rare Civil War Auction in Towson This Weekend

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Alex Cooper Auctioneers, Inc., one of the largest auction houses in the mid-Atlantic, is excited to present the expansive Civil War collection of James R. Weitzel on May 3, 2014. This treasure trove of rare Union and Confederate firearms, accoutrements, uniforms and other historically important documents details the lives and belongings of soldiers and civilians during this turbulent time period in U.S. history. This collection, procured by Weitzel over a 50-year period, will be of profound interest to collectors, military historians and Civil War museums around the country. It is estimated that some of the more unique pieces will sell for upwards of $20,000.

A Silver Spring, Md., resident, James R. Weitzel died in 2011. Collecting Civil War memorabilia was his life’s passion, and he specifically sought out Civil War-era items that could be traced back to their original owners. Weitzel also searched for one-of-a-kind pieces from both the Union and Confederate sides of the war, a rarity among Civil War collectors.

Some of the more notable items for auction will include:
·         A handwritten note from Abraham Lincoln authorizing the passage of Lewis Parker from New York to Savannah, Georgia, on Dec. 27, 1864

·         A Confederate gray wool jacket and trousers worn by Private Wm. Stephens with the 17th Virginia Cavalry Battalion
·         An A.E. Brooks folk art monument comprised of bullets and battlefield relics from 1885
·         An 1864 hand-stitched wool and linen U.S. 36-star flag
·         A Colt Model 1849 pocket revolver in a mahogany case with powder flask and bullet mold
·         A Black leather belt with Georgia-type brass CSA plate and pigskin holster
·         Two rare “Kearny” corps badges – “3” found at Chancellorsville battlefield; “5” found at Gettysburg
·         A Colt Model 1851 Navy revolver, holster and boot knife belonging to Major Harry Gilmor, a Maryland Confederate Cavalry Officer
·         A Colt early Third Model 1851 Navy revolver, serial #10581, manufactured early 1852 with a Confederate-made belt rig
·         An accoutrement set belonging to Infantry Private Isaac Smith, 34th Regt. PA Volunteers, 5th Reserve. The set includes a waist belt and cartridge box with U.S. brass plates, cap box, and bayonet
·         A collection of 39 rifles and carbines, including Confederate Fayetteville Armory .58 cal, Springfield Model 1861 and 1863, and Harper’s Ferry Model 1855
·         A framed photograph taken in 1862 of Union General August V. Kautz as Captain of the 6th U.S. Cavalry, near Malvern Hill, Virginia

“Coming on the heels of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, interest in collections like Mr. Weitzel’s have gained newfound curiosity and excitement. People want to own a piece of history,” said Richard Hall of Alex Cooper Auctioneers, the Civil War authority who cataloged the James R. Weitzel collection. “This particular collection is one of the largest groupings of Civil War memorabilia I have ever seen from a single individual. Mr. Weitzel took great care in accumulating historically significant pieces that had a story behind them. I am honored that Alex Cooper is able to help present this truly remarkable Civil War collection to anyone interested in this important time period in our country’s past.”

There will be two opportunities for the public to preview the items for sale prior to the auction: Thursday, May 1 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday, May 2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The auction will be conducted by Alex Cooper Auctioneers, Inc. on Saturday, May 3 beginning at 10 a.m. sharp. To view the online catalog, visit http://chattels.alexcooper.com/upcoming-auction-sales/.

Alex Cooper Auctioneers is located at 908 York Road, Towson, Maryland 21204.

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