Red Sammy Collaborates with Baltimore Poet Steve Matanle on New Record

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I’m biased, but I believe that poetry is being reborn as a popular art form and that Baltimore is a major site of that rebirth. This is just to say we shouldn’t be all that surprised to learn that the latest record from the beer-soaked folk project of Adam Trice, Red Sammy, features weighty contributions from poet and University of Baltimore professor Steve Matanle. 

That said, Poems With Kerosene (coming February 17) is more salad bowl than melting pot. “Nightriff” is the only track to feature both Matanle and Trice. The rest of the record divides its time between catchy, boozy folk songs from Red Sammy and unaccompanied poems from Matanle. Still, the poetry performances are top-notch and hold their own against the songs. Plus, it all gels thematically in that most everything takes place at a bar.


Windup Space (12 W North Ave) will host the release party on Sunday. Steve Matanle will be performing as well.


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