It’s an age-old question “Should I rent or should I buy?”
Once considered an integral part of the American dream, owning a home is a different reality than it was just 50 years ago. Despite tempting prices and low mortgage rates, it’s no longer right for everyone. Enter Rent Versus Own: A Real Estate Reality Check for Navigating Booms, Busts, and Bad Advice by journalist Jane Hodges. Published by Chronicle Books, it offers tools and anecdotes that expose when it makes sense to own a home — and when it doesn’t.
Jane will come to Baltimore for a discussion about today’s real estate landscape and her book, at Atomic Books in Hampden on Friday, June 1 at 7 p.m. Adult refreshments will be served.
Jane Hodges has been covering business for almost twenty years and has focused on the real estate market for the past ten years. In the book, she provides a witty, smart and objective look at the housing market during these tumultuous financial times.  Her stories have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Seattle Times,, Reuters, Real Estate Forum, AOL Housing Watch, and countless other publications and news sites.
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