Rep. Cummings Shifts Air Travel Probe to Kellyanne Conway

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Photos via Rep. Elijah Cummings/Twitter and Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Merely days after Tom Price resigned from his Trump administration Cabinet post, presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway has moved into Baltimore-native Rep. Elijah Cummings’ sights.

Cummings, co-chair of the House Oversight Committee, sent a letter today to Conway asking for details about all the private, non-commercial or military flights she’s boarded as a White House staffer. That includes the ones she took with now-former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

Price resigned under pressure last Friday following a Politico investigation that found he’d flown more than two dozen times on corporate-style jets since taking his Cabinet post in February, at a cost to taxpayers of more than $1 million. He was also found to have frequently used military planes for international trips.

In his resignation announcement, Price promised he’d repay taxpayers for $52,000 – his share of the travel expenses, according to his former department – for the commercial flights he took.

Cummings today followed up with Conway, who Politico reported was on some of those flights, too.

“Despite the fact that you joined Secretary Price on several of these flights, you have not made any similar public statements indicating whether your own actions were appropriate, whether you will continue to take such flights at taxpayer expense in the future, or whether you plan to personally repay the taxpayers for the costs of your seats on these flights,” he wrote in his letter.

He cited Politico’s reportage of specific examples when Conway flew privately. And he pressed further: “In contrast to Secretary Price, you have been silent about your actions, you have made no commitments to stop traveling on private flights, and you have not assured the American taxpayers that they will not have to pay a dime for your seats on these flights.”

Conway was asked to pass on flight numbers, costs, copies of documents from others authorizing the flights and other pertinent details. She hasn’t responded publicly today.

The 12-term Maryland congressman and Madison Park resident is also still expecting Price to repay that money. Another letter sent to acting HHS Secretary Don Wright and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin requests a copy of Price’s check.

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