Reservoir Hill Festival, Sat. Sept. 15

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Featuring free live music all day (including Balti Mare, Femi, Bosley, etc.) Baltimore’s premier food truck rally “The Gathering,” back to school giveaways, a resource fair, local vendors, and $15 all you can drink. This will be a GREAT day to be a part of, and you can help make it a success. All proceeds  benefit the St. Francis Neighborhood Center.

Volunteers do everything from face painting to traffic control. To find your perfect volunteer job, see below. We are especially in need of extra hands for setup and strike. Get in touch with Abby Becker ([email protected])  with your availability and she will put you on the list. Even two hours makes a difference!

***The incredible RESERVOIR HILL FESTIVAL will be held Saturday, September 15th, 2012 on the corner of Whitelock and Linden from  11AM-8PM (Rain-date Sept. 16th)***


Reservoir Hill Festival and Resource Fair 9/15/2012 (Rain-date 9/16)

Intersection of Whitelock and Linden

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Set-Up Crew

Are you chipper, bright, and strong in the morning, or at the very least willing? The Set-up Crew is an amicable bunch of movers, shakers, sign-makers and hangers, doers, and beautifiers who are CRUCIAL to getting the festival going. AT LEAST two All-Star Heavy Lifters highly needed to move sound equipment. 8am-11am. The more the merrier.

Traffic Cops

For all those who wore their hall monitor vests with pride, we need 4 traffic cops to direct the lost and helpless resource vendors and bands who will need to navigate around the roadblocks, park, and unload. 9AM-11AM

Kids Korner Corralers

SFNC-trained Kid Corralers will be on hand to lead games, activities, and face-painting for the little ones and keep everyone safe and happy. Also responsible for set-up and cleanup, led by Captain Caroline. 5 total, 10:30am-1:30pm.


Popcorn Boys and Girls

Clearheaded people persons needed for the following:

Back to School Give-Awayer – calmly and happily hand out backpacks filled with school supplies AND help break down the resource fair at 1:00. 11am-1:30.

Resource Fair Give-Awayer – distribute and and check wristbands for the resource fair. Gets to do giveaways! Helps break down the resource fair at 1:00. 11am-1:30.

Information – do you always seem to know everything, or are you good at assuaging peoples’ troubled questions? This job is for you! Shifts available all day.

Band Merchandisers – If you could sell a ice to an Eskimo or sand in the desert, or if you know what it’s like to be a working musician playing a community festival for free – this is your jam! Merch-tablers actively push our bands’ amazing swag. 2+ hour shifts all day.


Floozy Boozers

In order to buy alcohol, festival-goers MUST purchase a wristband, the proceeds of which go 100% to St. Francis. Floozy Boozers sell wrist-bands to those of age and solicit donations for SFNC.

Band Hospitality

Want to meet the bands? The Band Hospitality Contingent is a backstage pass to greet the bands, help load in and out, keep track of who might be missing, shows them food and drink, and be their friend.



Looking for an important an easy job? Clickers get to hold these fun do-hickeys and click them to count people who attend the festival. 2+hour shifts available.



If the Reservoir Hill Festival was in the field of dreams, we would have floaters: people who don’t mind running errands, doing anything, being around, and looking for places they can help out.


The local. Takes pictures and sends them to us so we can document this amazing day.


Break Down Crew

Balt Mare Balkan dance band is the last band to play, so I can’t imagine you want to leave before 7 anyways. Come to the festival late in the afternoon and stay for the break down party. Tents, the stage, equipment, signs all need to go. This is for people who love putting things away, as well as our eternal gratitude. AT LEAST two All-Star Heavy Lifters needed to move sound equipment. 7PM-9PM.

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