Residential Real Estalking: A Greenspring Georgian, A Bucolic Farmhouse

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11 Cliffholme Road
5 br/4.5 ba

Sunday, April, 29, 3 – 4:30 p.m.

Sometimes the Baltimore real estate market really confuses me. Take, for example, this elegant Georgian home (I might even call it a mansion) in the Greenspring Valley. It has been languishing on the market for several years and, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. Neighborhood? Fancy pants. Impressive? Huge, formal and lovely. Updated? A little fussy for my taste, but yes. Land? Four and a quarter very private acres. Well-maintained? Looks it. Unique features and character? Built in 1927, guest cottage, seven fireplaces, terraced gardens and moldings to die for. Price? It’s come down to $1.5 million, and while that’s not cheap, it seems like a steal for all the previously stated reasons. So what gives? I am beyond curious and would take it as a personal favor if someone would take a peek and solve the mystery. Thanks in advance. Visualize: Southsides on the patio … when in Rome.

3100 Murkle Road

2 br/1.5 ba

Sunday, May 6, 2 – 4 p.m.

Who exactly makes the attractively-packaged, artisanal goat cheese you buy at Whole Foods? Do you wish it were you? Well, take a drive out to this Westminster farmhouse and try on some bucolic chic for size. With 50+ acres of property, there is plenty of room for all manner of exotic bee keeping, organic herb growing and hemp garment wearing. Rustic charm begins at the extra-long driveway that leads to and idyllic, country house built in 1800. I know what you are thinking: dark, dank, dingy. Think again. This place is bright, airy and fresh thanks to a recent renovation that managed to salvage the character of the original house with touches like exposed beams and painted floors. Sure, some tweaks are needed (eliminate that wood stove pronto, Tonto) but I can already see the dinner party at the reclaimed lumber table set with wildflower filled mason jars. Visualize: A mudroom full of Hunter boots that are more than just a fashion statement.

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