Residents Sue Bankrupt Sparrows Point Steel Mill Owners over Pollution

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Just as the recent sale of the Sparrows Point steel mill to an industrial liquidation firm is awaiting approval by the court (a condition of current steel mill owners RG Steel’s bankruptcy), residents in and around the peninsula have filed a lawsuit Thursday against RG Steel over allegedly contaminating the surrounding properties and exposing residents to carcinogens, as well as “noxious stenches and odors.”

This isn’t the only litigation that the bankrupt RG steel could potentially face. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is suing to force the company to expand its efforts to cleanup pollutants from the surrounding waters.

Additionally, environmental agencies at the state and federal level have filed objections to the sale of the steel mill to the liquidators, because the auction did not inform bidders of a 1997 agreement that would require the new owners to clean up toxic waste in and around the site.

Who knows what will happen, but if the county or state is left holding the environment cleanup bag, maybe we’ll begin to learn that requiring a company not to pollute in the first place is a lot easier than trying to get them to clean it up sometime in the future — you know, moving forward.

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